You don’t need to earn massive loads of money to own a property portfolio worth millions.

How is it done? With a bit of hard work, self-discipline, and determination.

Firstly, you have to manage your money wisely. This means you’ll be taking the long view on your financial future.

Rather than focusing on what you “want” in the here and now, you need to set goals based on what you want to achieve in the future. Planning and goal setting combined with good money management is a powerful force. 

No matter what your income, you can achieve a good result when you understand the concept of sacrifice in order to obtain a future return. This is especially important with property investing where you’ll need to build equity, maintain momentum, and save deposits. It will also give you more the ability to act when it given the chance to seize an opportunity.

The following 15 tips can help you save money – both for things you need now and for your financial future. They’re not complicated, however you do need to be consistent and persistent:


15 Money Saving Tips

  1. Avoid impulse buying (e.g. fast food or online shopping).
  2. Cook more meals at home, limiting eating out for special occasions – once per week maximum –if you have to!
  3. Pack your lunches from home ($10 per day is $2,600 each year).
  4. Set a daily spending limit. When you underspend, put the difference in an interest bearing account to go to work for you
  5. Purchase sale items you normally buy; don’t buy it just because it’s on sale!
  6. Buy clothing seasonally (e.g. buy winter items during spring sales).
  7. Have money set aside by your employer before you receive your pay.
  8. Eliminate pay services for something you can do yourself – do you really need a cleaner?
  9. If you have any unhealthy habits (e.g. smoking and/or drinking) reduce or eliminate them to save not only money, but improve your health.
  10. Sell your stuff online instead of throwing it away – try TradeMe or Facebook Market
  11. Don’t buy season tickets – what if you don’t go every time?
  12. Cut your extraneous utilities and/or those things you can live without either permanently or for some time (e.g. paid tv, home phone).
  13. Research and comparison shop on big ticket items (e.g. washer/dryer, TV, etc).
  14. Keep receipts for items you buy at work (that aren’t reimbursed) for use at tax time (e.g. home office expenses, work travel in your personal vehicle).
  15. Don’t incur late fees – always pay your bills on time! Remember that it’s the little things that add up.

Coffee is a good example. If you bought two coffees per day at $3.50 each you would spend $2,500+ per year! That’s a testimony for brewing your own if I ever saw it!

When you look at your daily habits in this manner it’s easy to see how quickly money can slip through your fingers!

Take a look at where money might be leaking by keeping a detailed list of your spending for at least two weeks – even longer is better. If you’ve never done this before you’ll be amazed by what you discover.


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