Early retirement with passive income from your property investment portfolio – Is it even possible?!


Hi there, Trevor Moore here. I’m a Property Coach with PRE and today I want to talk to you about something I am passionate about. That is helping people change their lives through property. 


So, I ask the question – is it possible to retire early and live comfortably from the income generated by your property investments? 


The answer is a simple “YES!” If that’s enough for you then you can stop reading. But for those wanting to know how then read on below. 


This topic is one that I am always discussing with my property mentoring clients. Everyone wants to have a passive income in their retirement, but not many actually reach the stage where they can successfully make the switch. 


Most people only dream, and the harsh reality is that dreams without action float in and out of the mind very quickly. 


I’m often asked how to make this happen – after all it’s my job. My answer is to find someone that has done what you want to do and follow their example. After all, it’s the logical thing to do. Successful people in all areas of life have worked out the secret to success. Know what it is you want, find someone who has what you want and copy what they did to achieve that.


We do this all through our lives, from schooling to tertiary studies, from apprentice to tradesperson. We learn skills and knowledge from people who have been there and done that. 


But if it’s so easy, why is it that only 1% of people in New Zealand will ever achieve their stated goals to be financially free with passive income streams from residential investment property? 


5% of New Zealanders will have investment properties but may not consider themselves financially free, and 10% of New Zealanders will have an investment property. The other 90% will be in various stages from existing on welfare benefits to having some resources but these will not make them financially free for their entire retirement period. 


Retirement to me is about your ability to choose what you do in life without having to worry about where the money is coming from. 


Most people will still do something in their retirement years, but they choose what they want and enjoy on a daily basis. Retirement should not be an age, it should be a reflection of your financial status.




Early retirement to most people is anytime before they hit 65 years of age and are eligible for our National superannuation. You can plan for early retirement at any stage of your life, and most people reach a critical time usually in their 40’s to early 50’s. 


They are at the best earning years of their life, have created an asset, usually the family home and their children are growing up and becoming independent. They are comfortable and life is good. 


This is the key moment when people should start planning for “early retirement”. Those that do will find that within a fifteen period they can create wealth that they never thought they could.


Most people I talk to would like to replace their income today in their retirement, be mortgage free on their family home and never have to worry about paying the bills again. 


They want to travel and explore the world we live in. They want to see their grandkids, and they can be spread far and wide these days. This all takes money and time.  


You need to have your money and assets working for you, not you working for money. 


Trading time for money and spending all you earn will come to a dead end at some stage of your life, and if you haven’t made plans for your retirement then you may end up like 55% of New Zealanders who rely on Government support and subsidies to survive.


Could you as a couple live on $34,000 per year? What would your life be like?


Will your Kiwisaver give you the life you want or will you need more?


Most of my clients will want an income between $100,000 to $200,000 per annum when they retire to live the life they want. 


Property investing is the safest and most secure asset class that I know of for average New Zealanders to get involved with. Over the last 50 odd years we have seen average growth rates of 4% in most areas of New Zealand and the top areas averaging over 5% to 6%.


Everyone also has to live in a property and not everyone has the ability to own their own properties. Therefore someone has to provide good quality stock for New Zealanders to live in. 85% of rental properties in New Zealand are owned by private investors. 


Successive Governments have never been able to house the homeless and most vulnerable people in this country, let alone provide homes for everyone. Someone has to fill the void and that is the astute, knowledgeable, private investor who takes action with a proven system. 


The secret here is to leverage your assets or cash, purchase an investment property in a capital growth area and wait. This is a slow business and wealth doesn’t happen overnight. But it can create wealth that is impossible to get working in a job. Be prepared for a minimum period of 10 years with portfolio maturity coming in 15 to 20 years. 


A good investment property is one that is paid for by someone else, in most cases the tenant. Most people fail in this business because they buy the wrong property in the wrong areas, and they can not afford them. If you do not have the correct structures in place, legal, accounting and finance, as well as a buffer to see you through any difficulty, then you risk a catastrophe.


Now, let’s be clear. People are often buy with emotion when it comes to property. But the keen investor knows that property is just a vehicle for creating wealth. Never get emotional about your investment properties. They may not be the type of property you would live in, but they house people who would otherwise not have a roof over their heads. They also grow in value while you sleep. 


For most people to become financially free and retire with a passive income, you will need to buy more than 4 properties. Most people who get started in this business never get more than 2. 


At our property investment events we go in depth into these areas and teach you what it takes to succeed in this business. Having been 20 years investing myself and 14 years as a Property Mentor and a Coach, I have seen many people succeed in creating the income they aspire to in their retirement. I have walked the walk, so I can talk the talk. 


Not everyone can do this business, as you have to have a day job to be able to meet the servicing criteria of the Banks, and you need to have a deposit in cash or equity. 


For those people that do, you have a great opportunity to get the knowledge needed to do this business.  Only when you act on that knowledge do you become successful and create the passive income streams which continue for as long as you own those properties, and you can pass on a legacy to your family.


To start building your future, join me at my next Online Property Investment Masterclass. I’ll be speaking more about these topics as well as covering a range of strategies. This is high value information you can get for free and then immediately apply to your situation. 


Afterwards, you can take the opportunity to book in a free advice session with me. We can look at where you’re at, where you want to be, and identify how you can get there. 


Talk soon, 

– Trevor Moore

Property Coach and Investment Mentor 


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