As a Coach, one of the best ways I can help investors is to reveal vulnerabilities they may have in their property investment strategy.

See, any vulnerability in your strategy exposes you to two possible dangers.

The first one is obvious, so I’m not going to spend any time on it, and that’s losing money. As Warren Buffett said:


Rule #1: Never lose money


Rule #2: Never forget rule 1


The second danger at first sounds really different, but it’s effectively the same… and that’s getting stuck.  When you get stuck and you can’t move forward, or your portfolio is moving at what feels like a snail’s pace, it’s not only frustrating but it is the same as taking a loss.

Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett’s business partner) said it well: “Intelligent people make decisions based on opportunity costs – in other words, it’s your alternatives that matter.”

What Charlie is saying is that intelligent people don’t just think “At least I didn’t lose any money this year” and are satisfied with that. No, they actually compare their year to what could have been, elsewhere.


Real people, with real stories. These are some of our successful clients. You can be one too.


As an example, if you bought in a market that only saw 2% growth over a year but in the same time another location had 20% growth, you’re behind what “could have been”. Sure you didn’t lose cash or equity but you missed out on the opportunity.

This is exactly why getting stuck as an investor is, in my opinion, nearly as bad as losing money. 

And losing money is essentially failing at investing. We must always maintain a positive cash flow for safety and progress.


Capital growth is essential for successful property investment.

So this leads me to today’s questions. Have you thought about the next strong market or opportunity you should be investing in? And, what plan do you have if there are no massive market growth gains in the near future?

Sure, some investors may have just cleaned up in Auckland, it’s been a great market to have invested in.

But how do investors grow equity fast even when the market isn’t piping hot. 

Savvy investors know that when the market won’t do it for them, they have to manufacture their own equity so they don’t lose momentum.

Imagine if you had to stop investing for 5 years just because the market wasn’t really moving?

Therefore, capital growth needs to be a constant focus in your investing. With our help you can learn how to create growth in your investment portfolio. 

Come along to a free Property Investor Night to learn more about this topic and other proven strategies we use to succeed.

Until next time!

– Sue Irons 


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