Picky Property Investors Miss Opportunity To Make Money!

by | Aug 7, 2021 | General, Property Investment Education

Want to know the fastest way to NOT make money…. Don’t buy property.

You won’t make money on a property that you don’t buy. Sounds simple right? But so many people are put off buying great property for tiny issues that cost them a major opportunity in the long run.

I’m here to tell you not to sweat the small stuff when it comes to investing in real estate.



Taking a serious approach to buying property is important, and for some, it can even be a little bit emotional, especially if it’s your first or second investment. But you need to realise that you will never find a perfect property. It just simply does not exist. Even brand-new properties have flaws which is why default periods exist – to fix things under warranty!

But it’s not really defects that we’re talking about here.

All too often potential investors will view a great property that ticks all the major boxes but something small like a scratch on a tile or the wrong colour paint on the wall will throw them into a total spin. It’s almost like they’re looking for a way to sabotage their investment efforts.



When we are scared or nervous to take the next big leap in our real estate investing careers, it’s helpful to focus on one thing – the bigger picture.

The reality is, when you’re buying for the long-term with a solid investment strategy, you’re looking at a return of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Remind me of that mark on the wall again??

See, when we are focused on the bigger picture all of these seemingly big issues that are so easy to get hung up on wash away like water and don’t seem to matter as much as we initially gave them credit for.

Now, you absolutely have to be responsible in your buying and due diligence, but superficial worries that have no bearing at all on your overall investment strategy need not deter you from a great property. In short – don’t sweat the small stuff, and most importantly, understand why you’re investing in the first place.


This also brings me back to my first point in the opener of this blog – you won’t make money on a property that you didn’t buy. For example, there are so many people that we’re working with at the moment, who in just 18 months on from purchasing their investment property have picked up well over $100,000 in gains!

So, when you go back to remembering the tiles in the bathroom that (in your opinion) weren’t quite right, and you think about the financial gain – it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t fix things or upgrade aspects of your property when required, my point is don’t let small things stop you from moving forward.

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Sue Irons
CEO – Positive Real Estate NZ