What are Positive Resources?

Put simply, our resources far outstrip anything else you can find in the industry.

Our team of over 60 people is led by founders each with 20+ years in real estate and portfolios valued at over $10 million.

Our education team is stocked with seasoned professionals who’ve been driving incredible, predictable results for their Clients and themselves for years.

Our contracts and conveyance team are all licensed real estate agents and guide Clients through the entire purchasing process. Our Client experience is mapped out by a team led by someone from Nike, Inc. and Amazon.com.

Our Clients are connected with a range of industry professionals in property law, investment finance, property management and market research.


Positive Real Estate has built relationships with research experts such as Corelogic’s Head of Research, Jonno Ingerson, who speaks at Client events across the country.

Internally, Positive’s priority is providing the very best research, access, education and constant improvement for our coaches than any other business in our industry.

We don’t say this to boast. We think it’s important our Clients get the best possible outcomes and do everything that we can to ensure them.

Our promise is to bring Positive resources to every one of our Clients, for a lifetime.

Are you ready to take positive action?