What makes for a good investment property?

What makes a property good for investing?


Sure, there are some fundamentals, which we cover in our free Property Investment Masterclass events.


But the nature of residential property, and what factors make for a good investment, is not a static thing.


It’s a cliché (and for a good reason) to say that we all need a place to live – it’s a core need.


What that dwelling needs to offer us will change through the stages of our lives while building on the basics of being a safe, healthy shelter. 


When you really break it down, it’s quite simple.


The more appealing a property is, the more likely you’ll be to secure tenancy, it’s more likely to grow in value, and the return can be higher.


So, what are tenants likely to be looking for? Most of the same things that we are, funnily enough. 




Dwellings reflect the way societies evolve, culturally and technologically, which is not one dimensional, but a combination of factors, such as –


  • The blend of dining and living rooms in favour of open plans.  
  • Working from home and the need for multipurpose zones. 
  • Buying size – is bigger really better? 
  • The evolving expectations of quality and efficiency – people expect to be able to live well. 
  • The shift to long-term tenancy and providing properties that match this mindset. 

As we can see, the goal posts are shifting. But the game is still the same. 

If we approach our selection of investment properties from the perspective of the tenant, and meeting their needs, then that’s going to be a win-win for both sides of the wealth equation – providing the numbers stack up. 


It’s about the new mantra of liveability, liveability, liveability…and equally relevant to the owner AND investor.


If you’d like to hear more about how we’re moving towards incorporating these evolutions into our portfolios, come along to our next Online Property Investment Masterclass


See you soon!

– Kevin Hastings

Property Coach and Investment Mentor 


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