Why do you need a property coach?


“Isn’t it just buying houses and renting them out? Anyone can do that!”


To talk about real estate investing in such simple terms is like saying that the All Blacks are just a bunch of mates kicking a ball around in a park for fun. Yet of course we know that anyone who’s ever watched the All Blacks, or any Olympic event or professional sports match for that matter, knows that there’s a whole lot more to it than that!
While there’s no doubt that the athletes on the field enjoy what they do, they’re not playing for the fun of it. They’re professionals who are out on the field giving it everything they’ve got in pursuit of a single outcome — winning.

What we see when we watch them play is only the outcome, the metaphorical “tip of the iceberg”. The game that you’re watching on the field started long, long before any of the players put their game day uniform.
As any professional athlete will attest to, it takes years and years of hard work, planning, training, and building their skills to compete at the highest levels. No one achieves elite level success without the guidance of a professional coach, just as no professional real estate investor can perform at their best without the help of a Property Coach to guide their progress.
A coach is someone who works with you long before you take the field. They will start by assessing your objectives (winning!) and build a strategic plan to take you from where you in terms of your skills and knowledge, to where you need to be in order to stand victorious on the field.
Once your goals are established, a professional coach applies detailed knowledge and experience in the finer points of your game or industry and breaks down every skill and tactic used on the field that leads to a winning result, in order to give you the personalised guidance, knowledge, and training so that you will be well-rounded and balanced in everything you need to know and be able to do to be successful.
What most people are not able to do on their own, is take themselves through the systematic process of assessing their goals and objectives, their needs, wants and goals, and building a professional investment strategy tailored specifically to deliver the results that they are after. 


Of course, it doesn’t end with preparation! When it finally comes to “game day”, or in our case, starting on your investing journey, your Property Coach actively works alongside you to guide you step by step along your real estate investment journey from start to finish.
Your coach will be watching the bigger picture to keep you focused on reaching your goals, ensuring that you’re sticking to the strategy that they crafted with you, and making sure that you’re not getting distracted by life.
They also make sure that you avoid mistakes such as assessing properties from the wrong perspective like buying emotionally vs. buying on the numbers… or buying using overly optimistic numbers or assumptions.

Remember, property investing isn’t a hobby, it’s a business. In order to be successful, we have to approach real estate investing the way the All Blacks approach rugby; as professionals.
We all know that it’s a busy world and we all get distracted and off track. That’s why all need a coach, yes, myself included(!), to guide us on our path forward towards realizing our goals.
If you’d like to know more about the importance of real estate coaching, join me on my next webinar where we will delve into not only real estate coaching but also many other aspects of the property market and the strategies needed to achieve success in today’s market. It’s all about using a 4 step systematic approach to investing that we’ve used thousands and thousands of times with our investors to make property investing simple, fast, easy, safe, and repeatable.
I can’t wait to share this with you!
See you soon!

Michael Anger

Property Coach and Investment Mentor 


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