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Kevin Hastings - Property Coach

Lisa de Vries

Head Of Education & Property Investment Coach


Lisa is PRE NZ's Head Of Education - a position that is well deserved!  

Having been an investor for 12 years and working in the industry for 13 years, Lisa has earnt her stripes and seen it all. 

Lisa relies on this experience, together with her Finance and Accounting background, to guide her decision making. It is this invaluable insight that she can lend to investors on their search for success. 

Highlights of Lisa's investing career include selling her house for almost a 60% profit just weeks before the GLobal Financial Crisis hit. How's that for timing! She has since gone on to buy and hold other properties in growth areas.  

Lisa is passionate about living her best life and loves to help other people achieve theirs through growing their wealth with property.


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The What Can I Do Now appointment with an experienced property coach is a complimentary hour session. They will work with you to identify your goals, review your property experience and review your current finance position. You will then be provided with specific and personalised feedback on what could be possible for you with the right knowledge, support and training.

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