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Louis Fraysse

Louis Fraysse

Property Investment Coach

Meet Louis Fraysse, a dedicated property coach with a passion for guiding people toward financial success. With an eMBA from Massey University. Louis combines academic expertise with real-world experience to empower every individual in reaching their financial goals.

Louis’s journey began when he moved from France to pursue a new life. He started humbly, operating a small coffee van before establishing his first cafe and then expanding to a larger one. Over seven years, he turned these ventures into highly profitable businesses, eventually selling them for seven figures. His entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there; he invested in real estate, adding a significant construction project to his achievements.

Now, with two properties under his belt, Louis knows the highs and lows of property investment firsthand. His greatest triumph was a savvy investment in Greenhithe, where he turned a considerable profit in just two years.

Louis’s life is as full and varied as his career. His philosophy in life and business is encapsulated by his favorite saying, “The obstacle is the way,” guiding him through challenges and toward solutions.

For those seeking a seasoned guide in the property investment landscape, Louis offers not just coaching, but a comprehensive life approach to business and personal growth.


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