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Trevor Moore

Property Investment Coach

Trevor has been a full time property coach and mentor since he “retired” in 2007. His passion is helping people who genuinely want to change their lives for the better by passing on his knowledge of property and the industry.

Trevor’s own journey has been “rags to riches”. From a successful career in production management in the clothing industry, to having a failed business, then building wealth through property investments with the help of a mentor.

After finding his own path, Trevor’s vocation now, and his reason for getting up every day, is to help average New Zealanders live the life they want and have choices in their “retirement”.

Don’t miss your chance to book your What Can I Do Now meeting. You’ll get to sit down with Trevor (via online meeting) and get some personalised advice on your situation.

This appointment is free, but the advice is high value. You’ll gain an understanding of your options and get a guided insight into your next best move.



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Are you needing answers? We can help you get started with your first investment property, or help you re-strategise as a more experienced investor.

    • Unsure of what’s possible with your financial situation right now?
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    • Not confident about investing or what your next step should be?
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The What Can I Do Now appointment with an experienced property coach is a complimentary session. They will work with you to identify your goals, review your property experience and review your current finance position. You will then be provided with specific and personalised feedback on what could be possible for you with the right knowledge, support and training.

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