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Join over 17,000 budding investors who have already attended one of our free events.
We'll be discussing how to launch your property investment portfolio in 60-90 minutes

Learn tips and strategies to structure your investment portfolio to maximise your goals.

Discover how our team of property investment advisers and clients have taken their passion for investing and created property portfolios worth millions of dollars.

What is a Property Investor Webinar


Discover the 9+ strategies every Property Investor should know to start their property portfolio off on the right track.

Learn how to set yourself up the right way so you can replace your income in the next 7-10 years with property investing. 

Build a multi-million dollar portfolio that can create chunks of spare cash flow for retirement.

Big changes in finance, lending and technology have transformed the Property Investing landscape.

Now is the time to take ACTION and get new EDUCATION from our QUALIFIED Investor Coaches, about how to navigate your new property investor path.

What people say about our Webinars

“We feel as though our future looks different since working with Positive and their team. We enjoy having Positive as a side ‘family’, meeting new people, and growing our little community of like-minded people. Everyone has supported and guided us so much through the whole process – it has removed the confusion and uncertainty from our future as property investors.”

Abbie & Aaron


“The Property Investor event was great, and made me realise that while we had goals what we really needed was support and guidance to achieve them. We are certainly much better off financially now than before we started our education with Positive, and have more skills and experience to apply to our property investing decisions.”

John & Janet


“We had been thinking about investing in a property for a while, but didn’t know where to start. It was by chance that I saw an ad on Facebook for a Property Webinar and decided to attend. The rest is history. We appreciate all the input and guidance our coach and the team has given us. They have really helped us shape our financial plan for the future.”

Katrina & Jovial


What we will discover together

✔  Why we invest in Property

 The 4 Key Pillars to successful investing

✔  How to get started the right way, with a focus on safety and success

  Is your current portfolio performing optimally in today's market?

  Fears and Concerns around what is happening across NZ's property market

Lending environment: New changes, What is being looked at, and how best to prepare yourself

✔️ Property strategy and what to consider before purchasing

✔️ Understanding what drives the NZ Property Market

Meet Your Property Investment Advisers on the Night

Sue Irons

Trevor Moore
Property Investment Adviser

Louis Fraysse

Louis Fraysse
Property Investment Adviser

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

As a group, we will discover the key drivers around the New Zealand property market and the strategies and tips you should know before buying investment properties. We will show you how you can invest in property to create income now into the future, plus ways to save more money by investing in property long-term.

How much does the event cost?

Absolutely nothing! Our education nights have always, and will always be FREE. The only investment you will make is 90 minutes of your time online with us, where you will collaborate and learn in a LIVE Webinar environment, from our qualified coaches who are also successful property investors.

What’s in it for me?

If you are someone who wants to gain clarity and confidence around how to invest in Property in New Zealand, then this Property Investor Webinar is for you! Even if you have little to no previous experience or are advanced enough to take your property portfolio to a new level of wealth creation.

Do I need to bring anything?

We always encourage you to join us online with a friend or family member who is in your property investing journey. It makes the education more fun, plus as we share a lot of information, you will have someone to chat with about it after the Webinar has ended. Please also bring a notepad/pen to take down some key tips and important topical information we will discuss on the night. 

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It's the best opportunity to gain some invaluable info, learn about our proven strategies, find out about market trends, and get free advice on your next best move.

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