Why Real Property Investors Play It Boring

by | Aug 20, 2021 | General, Property Investment Education

Aspiring property investors may think real estate is a thrilling game filled with lots of surprises and excitement…

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it could not be more opposite. In fact, I would go as far as saying, it’s actually pretty boring and guess what – that’s a good thing!

When you’ve got good quality properties, good quality tenants and good quality managers in place to ensure your investment is being looked after well, then owning a property should be relatively straight-forward. Yes – don’t get me wrong, there are risks and there are challenges. There are also times that do require more effort from you as the investor, but all in all if you have a strong strategy in place, more often than not, your portfolio should simply just tick along. And if it doesn’t you could be doing something wrong…

If your investments are constantly taking up your time and energy, there’s clearly a gap in your game plan.

I actually know of quite a few well-known investors who will admit that their unrequired meddling has impacted their ability to create wealth at times.



See for me, it’s about expectation vs reality. For example, the aspects of investing that I find the most stimulating is in the acquisition of the property. I love the negotiation and establishing a new property in my portfolio. On top of that there is so much excitement in seeing the bottom line on the spreadsheet, as the numbers reflect a growing net worth – now that’s what I call gripping stuff!

The day-to-day ownership though…not so much.



So, if you’re one of those people that just wants to interfere with your property portfolio because it’s not delivering you enough exhilaration, my advice to you is go and take up skydiving or get a hobby or something.

Don’t expect your thrills to be met through your investment portfolio because if you do, it could be to your detriment.



Property is the vehicle that we use to create wealth. Everybody needs to live in one and because of that it’s a great asset class to invest in.

So, celebrate the normal. Celebrate tenants paying their rent on time. Celebrate capital growth. And most importantly, celebrate the boring!


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Sue Irons
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