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What is a Property Investor Night?

Discover the 9+ strategies every Property Investor should know to start their property portfolio off on the right track.

Learn how to set yourself up the right way so you can replace your income in the next 7-10 years with property investing. 

Build a multi-million dollar portfolio that can create chunks of spare cash flow for retirement.

Big changes in finance, lending and technology has transformed the Property Investing landscape.

Now is the time to take ACTION and get new EDUCATION from our QUALIFIED Investor Coaches, about how to navigate your new property investor path.

What people say about our events

“We feel as though our future looks different since working with Positive and their team. We enjoy having Positive as a side ‘family’, meeting new people, and growing our little community of like-minded people. Everyone has supported and guided us so much through the whole process – it has removed the confusion and uncertainty from our future as property investors.”

Abbie & Aaron


“The Property Investor event was great, and made me realise that while we had goals what we really needed was support and guidance to achieve them. We are certainly much better off financially now than before we started our education with Positive, and have more skills and experience to apply to our property investing decisions.”

John & Janet


“We attended one of Positive’s Property Investor events thinking they would just tell us how to buy more property. But… Positive did so much more than that. They actually held us back from purchasing any property until we had learnt more about investment strategy and implemented the right steps to ensure success in our journey.”

Gina & Josh


What we will discover together


✔  Create wealth through consistent property growth

  How to fund your deposit for an investment property

✔  Manage your budget and get the most from what you've got

 Understand the 3 stages of income - Wants, needs and dreams

  The fundamentals of lending and getting your loan approved

✔  The power of leverage, how you can get $1M from just $200K

✔️ The importance of cross-collateralization and managing risk

✔️ To create financial security through a passive income

Meet Your Mentors

Sue Irons

Lisa de Vries
Property Coach
Head Of Education

Trevor Moore
Property Coach

Kevin Hastings
Property Coach

Is this a Real Estate Investment Course?

No, this is not a regular real estate course. It’s far better!

We are primarily a property investment education company. But our goal is to educate, mentor and support both new and experienced investors who are looking to successfully invest in real estate.

Every month our mentoring clients meet to get together with their area’s mentoring group. At mentoring nights are a chance to get the latest updates in New Zealand property investment, hear about a variety of motivational and educational topics, gain insight into our methods of success, discuss the latest project opportunities in New Zealand real estate, network with other investors, and have the chance to talk to your personal Property Coach.

We’re with you every step of the way

One important difference to consider is that once a normal property investment course is over, you’re left to fend for yourself. Whereas our property coaches place emphasis on the long-term nature of investing.

It can take 10-15 years to set up your portfolio. So we support our property investment mentoring members for life. Once you are in, you’re a member for life, and will have access to all of the benefits this brings for as long as you need them.

Last, but not least – our mentoring clients can call their Property Coach for advice and support any time they need it. They are always there when they are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

As a group, we will discover the key drivers around the New Zealand property market and the strategies and tips you should know before buying investment properties. We will show you how you can invest in property to create income now into the future plus ways to save more money by investing in property long-term.

How much does the event cost?

Absolutely nothing! To register and attend this Property Investor event is completely free. The only investment you will make is two hours of your time where you will collaborate and learn from our qualified coaches who are also successful property investors themselves.

What’s in it for me?

If you are someone who wants to gain clarity and confidence around how to invest in Property in New Zealand, then this Property Investor Night is for you! Even if you have little no previous experience or are advanced enough to take your property portfolio to a new level of wealth creation.

Do I need to bring anything?

We strongly encourage you to bring a friend or family member, as we share a lot of information that will get you thinking, and you will want to talk about what you learned after the event. Please also consider bringing a jacket for cooler weather and water if you prefer. We will provide you with a Positive Magazine and pen for taking notes on the night.

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