Twenty years, two countries, and more than seven and a half thousand clients coached to date.

Fifteen years, two countries, and more than six thousand clients coached to date.

Everything you would expect from an industry leading company.


Positive Real Estate is a wealth creation and professional services company that offers property investors coaching, advice, and strategies with the mission to help people who are passionate about real estate, succeed.

Our team has a long and successful history in guiding everyday New Zealanders to realise their financial goals, using property acquisition and our extensive real estate investment knowledge in different types of markets.

Starting out in Australia in 2003,  the team now consists of over 130 people across Australia, New Zealand and Manilla


Short term thinking and the ‘fast money’ approach can derail, and not nurture success.

Positive Real Estate Founder Jason Whitton began teaching others to invest in property the way he did…  With the long view in mind, focused on success for a lifetime.

What was true then remains true today.

We believe property is a long term investment with many market highs and lows, and only a long-term strategic approach can provide a path to the financial success that we all want for ourselves and our families.


Our people

We employ the best people to help you on your investment journey.

The Education Team is lead by Director Sue Irons. The team comprises seasoned professionals who have achieved success with their own investing and who can now pass their knowledge and experience on to our Clients.

The Property Acquisitions Team is led by Head of Property Andrea McCarty, an experienced property investor herself.

Our Property Consultant Team are all licensed real estate agents, and work one-on-one with our Property Investment Advisers, clients and the acquisitions team.

Our team’s mission is to support, guide and help you on your journey of investing in real estate with confidence and success.

Our investment in knowledge

As educators, our passion for teaching is matched by our drive for knowledge. This is why we at Positive Real Estate never stop learning.

From finance regulations, market shifts, property hotspots to interest rate changes, property investment is an ever changing landscape…

We invest significant resources for access to the best information. Positive Real Estate obtains its market data from the same sources who advise government and some of the largest banks in New Zealand.

We think it’s important our Clients get the best possible outcomes and we do everything that we can to ensure them.


We’re education obsessed. We believe it’s the key to success in our industry, for Kiwis and Australians at large and ultimately for the world.

In the developing world 42% of girls are not enrolled in school.

If every child received an education, 171 million people would be lifted from poverty.

A child born to a literate mother is twice as likely to survive past age five.

How we have helped

17 Schools built

$420k Total funds raised

7,773 Kids with access to education

Positive Real Estate began supporting Room to Read in February of 2010, when we pledged $22,500 to build a preschool in Sri Lanka.

Since this first school we have assisted in the construction of 11 schools with Room to Read, and we have an ongoing commitment to build more.

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