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Positive Real Estate is a wealth creation and professional services company offering guidance and strategies to enable our clients to build their wealth through property.

For the past fifteen years we have coached over six thousand Clients in two countries.


Why do you need a property coach?

Let's face it - life is a game. Competition is fierce. Everyone is trying to get ahead.  It's always interesting to do a bit of self-reflection.  As we all work every day to further ourselves, sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves if the approach we're taking is...

Move in your own direction – Counter Cyclical Investing

Move in your own direction – Counter Cyclical Investing

Why should you care about the theory of Counter Cyclical Investing?    It simply means doing the opposite of what others are doing in the market. ⁣⁣ Property Coach Michael Anger runs us through why it can skyrocket your chances of success. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣The main reason it...

Your Legacy – What will you leave?

Your Legacy – What will you leave?

Today I want to ask the question - what is the legacy you'll leave behind? 🤔⁣     It's one of those things that not too many people think about, but we're only here once, so we have to make the most of it. ⁣ At PRE, we talk a lot about creating the lifestyle...

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