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Positive Real Estate is a wealth creation and professional services company offering guidance and strategies to enable our clients to build their wealth through property.

For the past fifteen years we have coached over six thousand Clients in two countries.


13 Investment Property Essentials

Whether you’re new to property investing, or have a few properties under your belt, it can be a challenge to know what to buy and where to buy. But once you understand the fundamentals of what makes a property worth purchasing, you improve your chances of meeting – or exceeding – your investment goals.

Free eBook – The Future Of Property Investing by Sam Saggers

Free eBook – The Future Of Property Investing by Sam Saggers

Understanding the changing landscape of property investment is a must for any investor looking to avoid pitfalls and find success. Sam Saggers, one of the founders of Positive Real Estate, has written an excellent book on the topic, titled 'The Future Of Property...

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