Property Investment Services New Zealand


Positive Real Estate offers a range of real estate investment services designed to make property investing as straight forward possible.


Together with our real estate investment courses, property investment adviser access, and proven investment strategies, we aim to empower our clients to find success while building their financial future.

Property Investment Services New Zealand


Positive Real Estate offers a range of real estate investment services designed to make property investing as straight forward possible.


Together with our real estate investment courses, property investment adviser access, and proven investment strategies, we aim to empower our clients to find success while building their financial future. 

Property investment is both rewarding and challenging.


But you can make it work for you…


With over 15 years teaching more than 6,000 clients across both New Zealand and Australia, we know the only way to successfully navigate the ever changing property market is for investors to be educated and supported by an experienced team of professionals.

Everything you need for property investing (and more)


How do we do it? By coaching you through every step of your real estate investment journey using your unique strengths and opportunities with the support of our professional property investment services.

From helping you to present your finances for mortgages and loans, to working with you on making your first rental property acquisition, sourcing new stock investment properties for purchase, guidance and expert advice, and much more.

Our team is always there when you need us. We are ready to help you build a well-rounded real estate portfolio full of strategically chosen properties that you will keep for the long term to reap the benefits of passive income.

Our Services Include –

  • Property Mentoring

  • Property Investment Strategy

  • Due Diligence

  • One-on-one Support & Guidance

  • Lifetime Membership


Our Property Investment Services are exclusively for our Mentoring Program Clients

We do this for two reasons – firstly, so we can provide guidance and ensure the best chance of success.

Secondly – so we know the real estate investor is serious about achieving that success.

This means you are given exclusive access to purchasing our investment properties, giving you an invaluable resource and advantage in the property investing game.

Access does not come at an additional fee per purchase or other similar costs charged by a traditional buyers agent service. It is included as a part of your lifetime Property Investment Mentoring Program membership.

Education Program Clients

Is The Mentoring Program a real estate investment course?


Our Mentoring Program is not a real estate course. So there’s no tests, studying or certification.

Think of it as an ongoing program where we teach, support and guide our clients towards success in their real estate investing endeavours. When you join you have lifetime membership. 

We host regular Mentoring Nights (like a mini property seminar) where we discuss the latest in the investing game. We provide invaluable information on everything related to investing in great detail, including all things finance, loans, purchasing strategies, market changes, due diligence, and MUCH more.

Joining the mentoring program ensures you will have the best set of tools to build your property portfolio and have the highest chance of achieving your real estate investing goals. 

Here’s what our clients have to say…


“We’ve been part of Positive Real Estate for about 3 years now.

My wife and I were already investors when we came into PRE. But for various reasons we felt like we had hit a bit of a ceiling with our investing and really needed a bit of a fresh approach.

We’ve found the mentoring through PRE very good! They helped to shift our thinking away from second hand stock into buying new property to grab the benefits that offers.

We’ve since bought three properties through PRE in the last 3 years. The equity gains we’ve had, particularly one in Queenstown and one in Auckland, have been fantastic.

Especially when compared to what we would have got in Christchurch if we had just kept doing what we had always done.

Long story short – give it a shot! We’re very glad we did.”


“Going back four years ago, I was looking to get into property and I didn’t know where to go.

I stumbled over Positive Real Estate in a local magazine. Then I went to their 2-hour free session and met Lisa and Sue. Straight away they put me on the right track… I never realised the capabilities I had to invest!

The biggest thing they’ve taught me is to diversify my investments into different regions, which I have. So now in almost 4 years I’ve got Auckland settled, one in Wellington, Queenstown, Christchurch, and one in Melbourne settling next year. That way I can make the most of every market and lower my risk.

The education factor has also been amazing. My biggest thing stopping me getting started was that I needed knowledge. So, I needed a coach and mentor to talk to. I’m not a computer person, I needed that one-on-one time, so Lisa has been dynamite and a big help for both my wife and I.”

Become A Successful Property Investor

Getting started is often the most difficult part, whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or are fresh to the property investment game.

The first thing we recommend you do is book a free “What Can I Do Now Meeting” – this is the perfect jumping off point into the world of property investing, even if you already have some investing experience. It’s a free, no obligation consultation with one of our professional Property Investment Advisers. They’ll take a look at your current situation and draw on their knowledge and experience to recommend your best course of action.

We also run weekly Property Investor Nights, separately to our Mentoring Nights, all around New Zealand. Think of them as a mini property investment seminar that goes for 2 hours. The benefit of attending a Property Investor Night night is that we discuss many of the topics you’ll learn in much greater detail in our real estate investment courses.

You’ll also have the chance to book a What Can I Do Now meeting with your local Property Investment Adviser afterwards. But if there isn’t a Property Investor Night near you or you can’t make it, we recommend you go ahead and book a WCIDN meeting ASAP using the form below.

Getting professional advice that’s tailored to your situation and fully understanding your options is vital to long term property investing success. 


Our Investment Property Services Include

Due Diligence
Additional Support Services

Understanding Property Investment

Over time, we have developed strong relationships with New Zealand’s leading property developers and builders. This enables our clients to access high quality properties at all price ranges and keep them secure and on track with their investments, creating long term results for property owners.

The majority of these properties are provided exclusively to our Clients and are not made available to the wider public through mainstream real estate channels.

At Positive Real Estate, we source investment property courses across NZ and Australia for our Education Program Clients. Lead by Andrea McCarty, our in-house property acquisitions team has been consistently securing the best investment properties to match our client’s personalised investment strategies. 

For the investor, we facilitate the smooth and controlled growth of their investment portfolio. Our never-ending goal is to minimise risk, maximise return, and help our clients work towards our client’s chosen real estate investing goals. 

Investment Property Melbourne

Investment Properties We’ve Sourced For Our Clients


Finding quality properties in the right investment market at the right price is only part of what we do.

Our acquisitions team ensure that strict due diligence is conducted on every property. This includes market research, legal and town planning enquires.

Years of experience has taught us what to look for and which properties to avoid.

On average for every 20 properties we review only one will meet all of our requirements.

Additional Property Investment Services

The purchase process can be daunting with many differences between contract types and requirements across New Zealand. This is why we have an in-house legal contracts team to guide you through your property purchase and settlement and run a range of property investment courses in NZ to educate potential buyers.

Discover more about our property investment seminar services and courses offered – contact us today.

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