Buying Off-The-Plan Property

Considering An Investment Property Off The Plan? Let Us Help!

Are you considering buying off-the-plan property? Do you even know what off the plan property is? Off-the-plan is a transaction where investors enter into a contract to buy a property before it is built and then settle on completion. Investors who are interested in this type of investment can put down a minimal deposit, and then speculate that the market will rise before they actually need to settle on the property – meaning they can obtain capital growth over the settlement period, often for low money down. Buying an investment property off the plan can be a smart risk to take on when considering real estate investing, but with any plan you may have, consulting with a professional company such as Positive Real Estate can fully explain what you may be getting into with this type of investment.

Learn How To Make Money With An Investment Property Off The Plan

There are many opportunities to find an investment property off the plan in the current real estate market, however many will never make you any money. Positive Real Estate are experts in identifying the key indicators to ensure you’re choosing a profitable OTP deal and can show you how to recognise the traps so you can steer clear of them. There are many crucial elements that make up a profitable OTP deal – let us show you what they are.
Learning all you can about finding an investment property off the plan is essential in order to avoid mistakes and to make the most out of the money you are putting down on this type of real estate. At Positive Real Estate, we will be able to take the time and teach you all you need to know about these investments and also help you to find out if you are making a profitable decision.

To learn the other strategies and techniques come to our next complimentary Property Investor Night and find out:

  • How to find and create profitable deals,
  • How to know which markets to invest in,
  • How to keep investing through interest rate rises,
  • How to minimise your risk as an investor,
  • How the property cycle works and how you can make the most of each stage
  • What is positive cashflow and where to find these elusive properties
  • How to use your equity to invest and not endanger your home
  • And so much more

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