You deserve a comfortable retirement!


You deserve a comfortable retirement!


What does retirement even mean?

When will I be able to retire?

It is at all possible?

How do I make it happen?


Many of you won’t have even thought about your retirement yet.  Why, because you are too young or too busy or it’s all too hard? 

Let me tell you that the earlier you think about it, and the earlier you start doing something to provide for your retirement, then the earlier you get to retire and start living the life of your dreams.


Lets’ start at the very beginning –

We grow up with the understanding of the path ahead.  We go to school, some form of tertiary education, get a job, buy a house if we are lucky, have a family and work until you can’t work any longer.  That is the typical path most of us follow.  Why, because that is all we know and we are not educated on wealth creation. Plus, we learn from those around us and if our families have done the same thing we know no different.  


Life gets busy and if we have kids, income will drop. It is a hard enough staying on top of the bills and mortgage and family costs, there’s nothing left.  We do live paycheque to paycheque but we are also thankful that we live in NZ as it is a beautiful and safe part of the world to live in. That is our trade off for low incomes and high cost of living.



No thought can be given to retirement as there is nothing left.  We just hope we can continue to work long enough so that we get the house paid off, have a bit of Kiwisaver so we will survive when we retire.  Hopefully the government will still be contributing, as lots of us are counting on that. 

Do you know that if you are a single person they will give you $21k per year and if you are a couple approximately $32k per year.   Think about how much you spend now?  Is it more than $32k per year (even with the rent or mortgage payments gone)?  Are you living the high life?  Probably not!  So what kind of retirement will you have then? 

You could downsize your home, but who wants to spend the glory years living in a tiny unit because you need the money.  The more time you have when you stop working the more money you need.  The moment we leave our house it costs money. In retirement you want to be free to dine out, travel, see your family no matter where they live and have a fantastic lifestyle. You need more not less in retirement!

Get excited as you should be aiming to thrive in retirement not survive. We all deserve that, as you will spend the majority of your life working.  Those last decades are where you should reap the rewards.  It will not just magically happen, you need to act, and make it happen.


How do we make it happen?

You need to decide that you want more and you are going to take the opportunities available to you when they arise.  Don’t sit back and wait, telling yourself “I have plenty of time” I am too busy to even think about it now”.  For every year you wait you must work a year longer.  For every opportunity you don’t take you will have less money to live off in retirement.  

Start thinking about how you want to live 10, 20 plus years into the future.  What you would do if you retired early and money was no object.  Where you would like to live, how do you want to live.   New home, holiday home, boats, cars, travel, help our kids into homes, pay the mortgage off faster and save tens of thousands if not more….  

Start dreaming about how it ‘could be’.  When you get excited and understand your WHY, you are motivated and you take action.   Ultimately you are looking for security and to have options.  It is too late to decide closer to the time that you can’t retire or you don’t quite have enough.  We want time to make it happen and if property is your vehicle of choice then the more time in the market the better off we will be.  It can be a very safe and easy option.   One step at a time and then let time do its thing.  

Property can sit there in the back ground and grow your wealth significantly as the years tick by.   You can do this without savings.  You can ensure that any property will not impact your life today.  Set up correctly you will not be topping up a cent.   It is a business and with the right support and education you can do this safely and successfully. 

Whilst this is all about providing for the future, the rewards along the way can change your life dramatically.  That is what property has done for me and I want you to have the same.  


Create the financial future you want to live. 

I know you will have questions and concerns so let’s look into what your options are and what you are capable of achieving.

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See you soon!

Lisa de Vries

Property Coach & Head Of Education




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