6 Ways To Get On The Property Ladder Faster

6 Ways To Get On The Property Ladder Faster

by | Feb 5, 2022 | General, Property Investment Education

With a booming property market, it can sometimes feel impossible to achieve that dream of purchasing your first home. 

As prices soar, many aspiring buyers feel their hopes of getting a leg up on the property ladder move further and further away. By conventional measures, it can seem like you’re banging your head against a brick wall – but if you’re willing to think a little further outside the box, you might just find a new way to stack the deck in your favour. 

Here are six practical ways you can speed up your ability to grab a slice of your very own real estate gold: 


One of the best ways you can accelerate your ability to jump on the property ladder is by making use of other people’s money – eg; your employer and the Government. As soon as you’re eligible to do so, tap into your accessible Kiwi Saver and put it towards a deposit for your first property. If you’re not quite there yet, use the next year or so to up your contributions to help speed things along. 


Look, I’ll admit this one isn’t a crowd favourite but moving quickly towards your property goals does mean making some cut-backs, sticking to a budget and participating in a savings plan. In the world of instant gratification, this can be tough but like any big achievement, it will be well worth it!


There’s no better equation than to save more, spend less AND increase your income. If you have a level of entrepreneurial flare and the time and means to start a smart hustle on the side, then go for gold! A few hundred dollars here and there adds up…FAST and can sometimes be the defining factor of you purchasing a property sooner rather than later. 


Depending on your circumstances and family dynamic, there may be an opportunity to use equity from your parents or other relatives to help get you into your first place. There’s no doubt that this is a big discussion. Whether it’s a gifted deposit, loan or the use of equity – you’ll need to be sure that all your I’s are dotted, and T’s are crossed with some clear-cut legal documentation, so everyone knows where they stand now and in the future. 


Same as above. Joining forces with a friend or co-investor needs to be structured correctly with the right legalities in place. However, if you do find someone who is just as driven, goal orientated and on par with your goals for the future, this could be a great way to move ahead and gather momentum on your path to wealth creation. 


A rent-vestor is a property investor who generally chooses to buy outside of the suburb where they live. It simply gives you the option to buy in a location that, while performs well in its own right, may not be exactly where you want to live personally. 

It’s a great way to save money as you’re able to pay your mortgage down from the income you’re generating by letting out your place, while you rent somewhere else – for instance at home with family or in a share-house with friends. 


There are many creative ways to embark on your journey, and the first purchase could easily be the most important. Knowing exactly what strategies to use and how to choose the best property that will sustain you for years to come is incredibly important. 

We cover all of this and more in our free real estate seminars – perfect for newcomers who are just figuring out where to start. 

Learn from a knowledgeable and experienced team of coaches who have done it all before. 


By Sue Irons

CEO – Positive Real Estate New Zealand

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