New property investors are often intimidated by the process of buying an investment property “off-the-plan”, however knowledge is a powerful tool in that not only can it help you navigate the purchasing process, it will help alleviate the apprehension that often comes with trying something new.

An off-the-plan strategy is a great way to buy a property at today’s value, without a huge outlay of cash. Use the following tips as a guideline when purchasing your first (or next) off-the-plan property:


Grasp a thorough understanding of the market cycle and its ability to grow by considering the six market drivers – infrastructure, yield variation, supply and demand, population, economics and demographics.


Go after low density, boutique properties because:

  • High density buildings are harder to get financed
  • Profits will be greater in structures with fewer than 40 units


Buy ONLY in Stage 1 of a development. This is where you’ll get the best price for the investment property – buy later and you’ll reduce your profits significantly.


Don’t count on the agent’s idea of the property’s value. Get a “valuation summation” done at the commencement of the contract; not later in the process. The value will include the cost of the land and the building.


Buy below $600,000 because of the wider appeal in the marketplace – just in case you decide to sell. The “meat and potatoes” range of around “$300,000 – $600,00” is where you want to be.


ALWAYS be prepared to settle after completion. Don’t sell half-way through construction. Have your financing arranged before entering into the contract.


We recommend that you purchase an off-the-plan under a 12 to 18 month contract. Since you’ll only have a deposit into the deal and the property value should rise, you should be able to secure a 100% cash-on-cash return.


Don’t miss out on opportunities because your deposit is tied up in a deal with a long settlement date. Plan ahead and make certain you won’t need your deposit to fund any great opportunities which might come along while you’re waiting for settlement.


To obtain funding for their projects, developers are required to pre-sell a certain number of properties. This fact can benefit you as a buyer because you can ask for additional and/or better inclusions as part of the process – this will help differentiate your property from others in the development; a difference which just may have a favourable impact on your rental yield!


Timing is important. Buy an off-the-plan property in a market which is set for growth, so that while you’re waiting the 12 to 18 months for settlement, your property can increase in value without your having to cash flow it from your back pocket!

Property investing journey isn’t hard, You just have to understand the fundamentals of investment and have some great strategy to help your investment grow! Join our Property Investor Night near you and have a chat with a real life property investors in your town! Know the market trends and learn more about property investing that can help you secure your financial future. You can also join our facebook tribe and get some updates and tips about Property investment!