Understanding the changing landscape of property investment is a must for any investor looking to avoid pitfalls and find success.

Sam Saggers, one of the founders of Positive Real Estate, has written an excellent book on the topic, titled ‘The Future Of Property Investing In Australia.”

While the book focuses on Australia, the knowledge and strategies within can be applied to any market, and especially New Zealand. It’s 100% worth reading. 

An excerpt from Sam on the book’s purpose –

“The real estate world is constantly evolving. We live in the age of disruption, and real estate is not immune to this. New disruptors affecting the sector can make it harder for a property investor to know what to focus on and what approach is right. I will delve into these disruptors and how to crack the code of investing beyond today, to capitalise on the rise of a new real estate era. This book will share the importance of understanding the future of real estate. With the new information you will gain you will have the instruments to create your own property wealth and be responsible for your own prosperous life and, therefore, be accountable to the most important person in your life: yourself. Sounding knowledgeable is easy but persisting and delivering is a lot harder. It’s my belief that real estate investors need to look at property very differently now because the past 50 years of property insights are virtually obsolete. Tis book is looking ahead into a new era of property. Property investors need to keep up with the ever-changing marketplace, and I will educate you about the way you need to view property now and when investing in the future.”

Click here to read the ebook – The Future Of Property Investing In Australia

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✔️ What types of property to buy for your goals
✔️ Learn to leverage your strengths with strategy
✔️ Ways to pay off your home faster – in 15 years
✔️ How you can make your pay go further
✔️ How to use your home equity to safely invest


Free tickets - Property Investor Night

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What will we cover on the night?

We cover a lot in just 2 hours – check the schedule for detailed info.

You’ll also have the chance to ask questions from the qualified property coach who will be presenting the Property Investment Night.

Afterwards, you have the chance to book in for a free What Can I Do Now meeting with your property coach. This is a one-on-one, nuts and bolts meeting where they take a look at your situation and advise you on what your next best move is to get started with investing.


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