I am sure that you have all heard or read the saying ‘your current results in life are a direct reflection of the standards you are willing to accept or tolerate”.

Depending on your current situation, you may not like reading this and even find yourself coming up some reason why “your” situation is different and therefore allows you to justify your lack of success. However the harsh reality is this, you are in control of your life, the choices you make and/or don’t make create the outcome you now have.  So, if your current results from your investing do not reflect the results and goals that you desire, now is the time to review what you are doing and adjust according.

Here’s a tip – Hard work is not the key!!  Effort does not equal success.

I was talking with an investor recently who was complaining about the lack of growth in his portfolio and how he wasn’t any better off now than when he first started purchasing property, almost 10 years ago. Sadly, the reason for his lack of success was very very clear and he knew it, however that still wasn’t enough for him to take the required action. Which simply tells me that his goals and dreams aren’t in reality that important to him. If they were, he would have taken the action required.

Creating a successful financial outcome from Property Investing is actually not that difficult, the reason why so few investors achieve the results that they want, is far more about their lack of skill, knowledge and experience coupled with a typical Kiwi DIY approach, resulting in a mediocre result and a financially limited retirement.

If your goal is to create enough income to support the lifestyle that you desire without limiting that to the rental income of a couple of rentals, which after all is simply replacing your day job with your tenants as your boss! Then you need an Investment Strategy that is based on your personal circumstances. I can almost guarantee that you will get what you aim for, whatever that may be, so you might at well aim high!

Time is NOT on your side; you need to start NOW to give yourself a decent chance for your portfolio to grow in value and for you to work through the acquisition, consolidation and lifestyle stages of your portfolio.  I meet with so many people who have their head in the sand, somehow thinking that it will all work out ok, this Ostrich approach to their future, is very unlikely to create the results you desire.

So, how to ensure success? It’s actually pretty simple.

Focus on your goal.

Establish a strategy that is based on the best use of your capital, taking into consideration the other key aspects, time, market conditions, skill, risk, experience and knowledge.

This is not a one size fits all model, however by following a strategically thought out process, we can create a Financial blue print if you will, that will provide you with the direction and key activity markers to secure the financial outcome you want.

Most people see the sense in taking their car to a mechanic, as they wouldn’t take the risk to themselves and their family of driving a vehicle that is unsafe, then why on earth, would you adopt a DIY attitude to your financial security?

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