Let’s face it – life is a game.


Competition is fierce. Everyone is trying to get ahead. 

It’s always interesting to do a bit of self-reflection. 

As we all work every day to further ourselves, sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves if the approach we’re taking is going to achieve the results we want – or could it be better?  

Being honest with yourself goes a long way. 

If you’re trying to achieve success, then you owe it to yourself to play your best game. 

But sometimes what we think is enough is, in reality, one step short. 




Ask yourself – are you at the top of your game? 

I can’t think of a more fulfilling feeling than looking back on life and knowing that you did everything you could to make things happen. 

Anything else is simply a waste of time. 

Especially when you consider that we’re talking about the most important and long-term game you’ll ever play – life. 

Now, do you really think it’s enough to play a half-assed game? No. It’s not. 


Why do pro athletes, business owners, and professionals have coaches, mentors and experts to help them perform?

It’s because they are good, but they are just one person. It’s a strategic decision. They choose to employ the brain power and expertise of others to help them perform. It’s that simple. 

The same thing applies when we are investing in property. We need the expertise of someone else, or a team of experienced people, so they can support us and steer us on the right path. 


When we have the education and the tools, plus someone to steer us on the right path, then we can do a far better job than we would be able to do if we were acting alone. 


Don’t risk being underprepared. When you realise the value that you can bring to your life and how to get it, you can do great things. 

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See you soon! 

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– Lisa De Vries

Property Coach and Head of Educatio