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Positive Real Estate is a wealth creation and professional services company offering guidance and strategies to enable our clients to build their wealth through property.

For the past fifteen years we have coached over six thousand Clients in two countries.


3 Things about Property that you might taking for granted!

Property is by no means a get rich quick solution, property works exceptionally well when given time in the market to grow and create wealth. This is why we encourage our clients to adopt a long-term view, 7-10 years, sometimes even more, to reap the best returns. It...

10 Top Tips For Off-The-Plan Property Investments

New property investors are often intimidated by the process of buying an investment property “off-the-plan”, however knowledge is a powerful tool in that not only can it help you navigate the purchasing process, it will help alleviate the apprehension that often comes...

4 Clues A Market Is Boom Ready

Property markets move in cycles; moving from the bottom, through the growth phases and back to the bottom over a seven to ten year time period. This is why, as a property investor, the most important factor you must grasp is the ability to forecast property market...

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